We created for you a small Telephone PABX System. And it is cheap enough you can afford it.  


A telephone system, you can connect to your phone company, but as well to VOIP providers, to Skype and of course you want to be able to connect to the phone system from your remote office. 

Yes, it is possible !

That is where we come to help you. 

The SYMSOL IP-PABX is a pre installed Asterisk System. We do have little appliances with 4 or 8 analog lines, depending on your needs. 

And you can connect it to any VOIP providers at the same time. 

CPPI: CPPI stands for Cross Platform Phone Integration. You can connect to any provider. Just imagine, you get a call from a voice company or from a VOIP provider, and you can forward it to any user in your company. The phones you are using are IP Phones, IP-Softphones or you even can re-use the old standard analog phones. Of course you cannot use all additional features you will love on your IP phones, as call forwarding, 

ICM: ICM stands for Intelligent Call Management. Most of the PABX you have to dial 9 to get an external line. We thought, it is better to dial the number you want. You can program the PABX in a way, to choose the best provider for that call. You might have a special deal for mobile phone calls. Automatically the PABX choses that provider for you. 

TBR: TBR stands for 'Time Based Rules'. You might want to direct users calling after office hours to a mail box. Of course it would be nice to forward such a Voice Message to your email system or to your mobile phone. Yes,  we make it possible and you just have to enjoy it. 


In general every IP phone can be used. For a standard system we chose a good priced IP phone with POE (Power over Ethernet),  three SIP lines, one AIX2 line and lots of comfort as phone forwarding to your mobile, Voice Box Alert, private phone book. 

And it looks pretty good. 


Yes, it is the right system for you. And it is the best price possible for such a system. Just call us. 

And of course, we are using that system as well. So if you call us, you will hear the system. 

Do you need more information ? 

Download the flyer ! 

Download the technical flyer ! 

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